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How to Make a Strong Corner Shelf for Under $12 @ Techshop: 4 Steps

By Steve Kardian (New York, NY: Touchstone, 2017). 216 pgs. $11.59. Order,

Reviewed by Kerri A. Hutchison

Imagine this: You are in the parking barn of a basic one afternoon afterwards aloof commutual your anniversary shopping. A man with his arm in a bung approaches you and asks you to admonition him lift a amalgamation out of the block of his car, which is anchored in a bend of the garage. Do you assist?

According to columnist Steve Kardian, of the eight women on whom he approved this experiment, all eight accompanied him to a bend of the barn and helped him get the package. He had not absolutely aching his arm but was artlessly affectation abrasion to see how abounding women would respond; the fake-injury angle was acclimated again by consecutive analgesic Ted Bundy.  How do you abstain falling for this trick? Steve Kardian’s book is advised to admonition women not become victims in such a scenario.

Please appeal a book and autograph guidelines from Wisconsin Advocate managing editor Karlé Lester, at org klester wisbar wisbar klester org or (608) 250-6127. Reviewers may accumulate the book reviewed. Reviews of about 500 words are due aural 45 canicule of accepting the book. Reviews are published, amplitude permitting, in the adjustment accustomed and may be edited for breadth and clarity.

Kardian argues that a woman’s superpower is intuition. According to the author, women accept stronger intuition than do men but are added acceptable to apathy their automatic animosity than men are.  His book is organized into capacity on brainy aspects of self-defense, such as acquaintance and intuition, as able-bodied as concrete aspects, such as arresting yourself and presenting yourself in an absolute manner.

Kardian has spent added than 30 years in law enforcement. He weaves examples of cases in which he was abandoned complex throughout the book. However, the examples are dispersed in the alpha capacity and added accustomed in after chapters.  In accession to his years in law enforcement, Kardian is additionally the architect of Defend University, a aggregation that provides aegis training. The area of the book adherent to Defend University acquainted like a sales angle and would accept been bigger larboard out of the basic argument of the book.

Kardian devotes several sections of the book to apropos of adolescent women, such as the risks of animal advance on academy and university campuses and blockage safe during bounce break. The book would accept benefited from a added arrangement of abomination scenarios. For example, all the examples accept a woman will be targeted while alone. A woman who is a victim of a carjacking may additionally accept a adolescent adolescent in the car with her, but the columnist never addresses how to acknowledge back added individuals are at the abomination scene. 

Despite the book’s focus on intuition, it does not abundantly explain how to go from acumen or intuition to action. For example, in a affiliate on self-defense, one of the scenarios is a man walking against a woman in a parking garage. The woman blasts the man with pepper spray. The columnist never addresses that a woman may alternate to booty activity if she has abridged admonition – conceivably she thinks the man aloof anchored his car abreast hers. This is a affair that added aegis books for women awning thoroughly.

Overall, though, this book is a admired ability for allowance women to break safe. The specific blockage tips and accomplishments to booty back attacked serve as a advertence chiral for allowance women to abstain acceptable victims of crime.

Kerri Hutchison, Marquette 2007, is accumulated admonition for Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Ill.

VERDICT: It’s a Keeper

By Martha C. Nussbaum & Saul Levmore (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2017). 251 pgs. $20.58. Order,

Reviewed by William H. Thedinga

Like the accepted population, the demographics of attorneys in Wisconsin accept been afflicted by the baby-boomer bulge. With added retired and soon-to-be-retired attorneys than anytime before, crumbling is a affair for a growing cardinal of Wisconsin lawyers.

Aging and retirement are the capacity of Crumbling Thoughtfully, a book accounting by two associates of the baby-boomer generation. The authors are University of Chicago Law School professors, one a philosopher (Nussbaum) and the added an economist and advocate (Levmore).

The book ranges above assorted topics, appropriate by its subtitle: “Conversations About Retirement, Romance, Wrinkles & Regret.”  It consists of 16 essays, one by anniversary columnist in anniversary of the eight chapters.

The atomic acceptable genitalia of the book are the ones ambidextrous with added academic, added abstruse subjects. For example, the altercation about age bigotry law and action is absorbing but has little applied amount for crumbling lawyers. The affiliate about the belief of corrective anaplasty is beneath absorbing and not actual useful.

The best acceptable passages in the book are the personal, anecdotal comments. The simple admonition offered by Nussbaum is the best pertinent. She emphasizes the accent of accompany and family; the charge for their adulation and abutment grows as we age. Nussbaum additionally bluntly recommends that “aging bodies should … focus on affecting self-control.”  And she mentions the accent of a faculty of amusement as we age. All are acute reminders for against the challenges of aging.

Aging Thoughtfully is not a book for those gluttonous abundant admonition about applied retirement issues, such as strategies apropos Social Security, bloom insurance, or retirement plan distribution. The issues addressed by the authors are above and added general.

This is a book with added questions than answers. But the questions get you thinking.  And the authors are right: Crumbling allowances from anxious consideration.

William H. Thedinga, Harvard 1973, aforetime a shareholder-partner in Weld Riley S.C., Eau Claire, is now of admonition to the close and lives south of Boston.

VERDICT: Not For Me, Maybe For You

By Paul Battista & Hayley Hughes (New York, NY: Allworth Press, 2017). 193 pgs. $19.99. Order,

Reviewed by Gail Miles Konkel

I appearance television from cabal and alfresco perspectives, from adventures in my youth, in accession to able and claimed adventures in adolescence as account accountable and ad sales rep. I was aloft in a media family, but I can acquaint you annihilation in all my accompanying acquaintance will anytime be as awe-inspiring or as educational as contest surrounding my 15 abnormal of acclaim in 2011 as absoluteness appearance actor on a above cable network.

Perhaps you can see why I jumped at reviewing this book. From its aboriginal cue, I can acquaint you one affair the book accepted about my thankfully abrupt absoluteness appearance experience: If you are a nobody, in the absoluteness television business, you accept no rights. Period. In fact, if a nonfamous being wants to try his or her duke at absoluteness appearance participation, he or she charge be able to accord up all rights, alike those one ability anticipate would be safe in a cloister of equity, and be able to abandon those rights in perpetuity.

Networks and assembly companies own “no name” participants, run the show, and authority all the cards. If the appearance is successful, and the newcomer is active in its success, he or she should be able to acquisition a specialized advocate to attack to achieve whatever rights ability be returnable to the already average actor who ability now be a absoluteness television star. (Existing celebrities tend to book bigger than participants who were bald bodies at the outset.)

While this adage charcoal axiomatic throughout the book, Absoluteness Television Contracts in its absoluteness did not absorb me, admitting its accountable amount focuses on a growing angle of the ball industry. It’s a book for lawyers, with few apparent mentions above the law-related commentary. Almost no names are alone nor industry account tattled.

Despite the abridgement of ball amount for addition like me who was attractive for a beat on article I accomplished firsthand, attorneys who ability appointment a abeyant absoluteness appearance actor in their practices should acquisition this book helpful. However, the applicant would best acceptable be a cipher and, if he or she becomes a somebody, would apparently seek an ball advocate to accommodate for rights alone and now potentially alternate accustomed newfound fame.

This does not beggarly that attorneys who don’t focus on ball law should abstain this book. It is an issue-spotting, arrangement law-based, negotiation-focused, detail-filled album apropos potentially bloodthirsty accountable amount bare the dirt, admitting the authors do allow in a few apparent samples for their allegorical acknowledged assistance.

After an addition with a abnegation in bold-print basic letters, the book is organized in three parts. I begin Part I, including an absorbing history of the genre, best to my liking. Part II contains the lawyering agreeable and focuses accurately on arrangement samples and convenance tips, including a accord point checklist, apropos the development stages of affairs creation. Part III concentrates on the assembly appearance of absoluteness television programming. The book ends abruptly with an index. No conclusion, no admonition on trends in the industry, and no claimed opinions about area absoluteness television is headed. I charge admit, I acquainted a bit cheated accustomed the absence of a cliff-hanger.

If I had to agree this book, a lawyer’s book bare the ball its accountable amount is accepted for, to a television program, I would call Absoluteness Television Contracts as Dragnet, accustomed its affable “just the facts, Ma’am” approach.

Gail Miles Konkel, U.W. 1991, admitting not actively affianced in the convenance of law, is contrarily affianced alive on the casual sales and business adviser opportunity, autograph and alteration feature developed novels and children’s books, and adequate advance work.

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